Delegation Thinking and working in your High-value areas

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Did you know that when you work with your high value skills and talents you can make the most money for your business? Did you know it’s also the place where your natural mojo shines, and where you are most inspired? If you feel uneasy with the concept of delegating your tasks to someone else, here’s a comforting and practical way to look at it.

Think of delegation in these terms: Anything that’s not fun or worthy of your time – your low-value areas, you can hand to someone else.

When you do this, you give yourself the opportunity to focus on your high-value areas, these are things you are most productive with and actually enjoy doing – things that don’t feel like work! You can then delegate non-core, lower value activities to someone else.

The delegation process

Delegation comes in layers. If you can master the thinking patterns of delegation you’ll be able to continually advance to new levels.

It’s a process of:

  • Identifying the task and letting go
  • Creating a system or process that can be followed
  • Refining your own personal high value areas so you can continue to identify roles.

Then the cycle starts again… It goes round and round in circles and grows layer by layer, just like an organizational chart.

Key Points to consider before delegating

Delegation relies on a few key points. Putting the right people in the right roles and refining your high value areas. Then you can continue working with your high value areas as you delegate more and more.

Here are questions you can ask yourself to begin the process:

Is this the best use of my time?

If I was to delegate this duty or task, who would I delegate it to?

When you begin to ask yourself these questions you begin to see all of the pieces to the puzzle for the people you need in your life. You can then add them to your plan.

Secondary delegation questions to grow your confidence include:

What would I do to make sure they don’t mess it up?

How will I know it’s being done?

What system can cover me or have my back?

Before you begin delegating, you need to know exactly what your time is worth. Then you know for sure, any role that is worth less than your time, you delegate. Don’t spend time doing something that generates less that what you’re worth.

A critical part of delegation is making sure that you’ve built a bulletproof system that anyone can follow and replicate without issues. When this is taken care of, you need to find the right people/team to delegate these tasks to. The right people and clear systems are a match made in heaven. This combination is literally the key to supporting you to operate in your high value areas.

A reliable support system 

When you’re looking for people to support you, the freelance online platform route can be a hit-and-miss. Going through a trusted Outsourcing firm that holds itself accountable to you and your business is a more effective way and gives you greater peace of mind.

If you’re ready to delegate any of the tasks above (or anything else) and start growing your business, we’re here to partner with you!

Whether you want to hire a part-time or full-time staff or get an entire team, we’ll help you get the right people and make way for a seamless transition.

Whatever you need, Tbelle will make it happen!

If you’re unsure what tasks you can delegate, tips here! 

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