Do your customers really love you?


Does it matter? If your customers REALLY love your business they’ll feel naturally compelled to provide free advertising for you. Loved customers are inspired and evangelistic customers. Every business needs them!

Sometimes we’re so caught up in our business operations, that it’s easy to become complacent and take our customers for granted. Yet the reality is, “our customers are the most important thing in our business” because without them, there won’t be any business (literally)!

Businesses can implement all kinds of strategies and make systemic changes to ensure regular temperature checks on their customers. Ironically asking your customers “how they’re feeling” can also provide valuable insights into new ways you can improve your business.

The formula is pretty simple:

Happy customers = more business

Customers stay where they feel loved and when you focus on listening to your customers and they know they’ve been heard, they feel valued. A little extra effort and care goes a long way.

How exactly do you know if your customers are happy?

The answer lies in how you connect with your customers. Regular contact and honest customer feedback is the perfect happiness gauge. Make it a point to communicate with them in the most convenient way for them. Find out “how you’re doing” as a business and what they think you can do better. Even just a simple “hello” will open up the space for them to share a few thoughts about what they have on their mind. Above all it shows you care.


What should you ask your customers?

How are we doing?
Are we delivering to your expectations?
Is there anything you’d like to see from us?
How would you like us to improve?
How can we add more value to you?
Are you happy with our service?

You don’t necessarily have to ask all the above questions but even asking just the first question could already help you uncover hidden gems and insights from your very own customers. When you know how they’re feeling and how things are going, that will help you focus on what you’re doing right (or wrong) and align that with your customer’s changing needs.

This will not only give you insights on your current processes, it can even be a source of new opportunities or new business funnel ideas.

What is the best way to connect with your customers on a routine basis?

The process and tools you use will vastly depend on your type of customers and your level of relationship with them. Some businesses connect with their customers via email, others via surveys and others through a more personalized phone call.

Regardless of what method you use, the key to making it work for your business is consistency. You need to set the right expectations and agree on the schedules so both you and your customers are aware of these routine quality checks and are prepared for it.

My people are already too busy with operational workload, how can I make time for customer happiness checks?

There are two ways to tackle this hurdle, you can either free up your staff by transitioning some of their tasks offshore to a reliable Outsourcing partner. Or your outsourcing partner can implement these quality checks for you using their existing customer service staff.

If you go with the first option, you’ll need only to assess which low priority tasks you can send offshore and have your outsourcing partner set up an easy process to transition.

If option two is your preference, you can set a small amount of time aside to train offshore staff on your business so they’re equipped to handle your customers.

Either way, you’re adding value to your business and making your customers feel special while learning new and innovative ways to improve your business. Extending the life of customer relationships in itself can increase your yearly revenue and overall increase the value of your business. A definite win-win!

Get your customers on board

If you’re ready to start your insightful journey to get to know your customers better, let us know! We can get you the perfect people to provide memorable and excellent customer service experience.

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