Why are Filipinos happy workers


CNN Philippines published an article about a compiled report: “Happiness Index” from Jobstreet.com, it shows Filipinos are the happiest employees in Asia. The initial reaction of any third party observer would be to ask why? This is not the case for most Filipinos however, as they seem to know this by heart because they are naturally happy and this is not the first time it’s showed in surveys.

Tbelle is an Outsourcing firm owned and operated by an Australian couple-preneur, is based in Cebu City, Philippines and employs highly-skilled and clever Filipino workers – the biggest contributing factor why Tbelle has a happy culture.

But apart from the typical happy character of every Filipino, here are other character traits of Filipinos and how it transcends to their work:

Love for family

Filipinos are very family-oriented and this love for family extends to the corporate world in that most consider their workmates as their second family. It’s not infrequent to see co-workers hanging out during lunch breaks, after-office or even during weekends. And this type of bond cultivates a better working atmosphere that is also evident in employer-employee and client-employee relationships.

Love to share

To a Westerner, it would be unnatural to get invited to share only one burger or a single pack of snack – but to a Filipino, this is typical and even expected. No matter how small, they like to share it with people – it is considered an act of courtesy and even a form of respect. Filipinos also love to share their happiness and share jokes, fun stories and celebrations which always makes the workplace a happier place.

Love to celebrate

The Philippines is known to have a lot of holidays in comparison to other countries and the reason for this is because Filipinos love to celebrate! They even celebrate the longest Christmas season which literally starts on September, the first of the “ber” months and extends up until January. This celebratory attitude of Filipinos is a manifestation of their grateful nature because they can find happiness in the simplest of things and find ways to celebrate them.


Many Filipinos like to get things done regardless of the amount of time it takes them. Unlike other types of workers who are time-oriented and automatically clock-out as soon as the clock strikes 5, most Pinoys are unaware of the time and even extend just to get things done. It is not unnatural to still see many Filipino workers still working on their desks after their usual office hours. The service-oriented nature of Filipinos and their excellent work ethic are two of the reasons why there is a constant demand for Filipino workers abroad.

Very resilient

The Philippines is the second country in the world with the highest number of natural disasters and it has been that way in history yet Filipinos always manage to pick themselves up and push themselves forward. This strength in character is all the more felt even amidst adversities and tragedies a it is rare to see a Filipino without a smile on their face.

These and more are the reasons why Filipinos are happy workers but don’t let us tell you about, experience it yourself and find out how contagious happiness can be at your own workplace! Hire a Tbelle staff to help run your business and make it a happier one!

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