How Aussie Employees Thrive with Offshore Support

Side view portrait of a scared employee after a big mistake on line at office

Outsourcing is on the lips of many entrepreneurs as they consider their plans to scale up with less capital. The bright prospect of increasing your workforce 3 to 4 times faster with talented low-cost offshore staff. But the decision to run with an offshore strategy can feel like throwing a cat amongst the pigeons when it comes to your local team.

Business leaders get the vision and the upside of offshore staffing – but how does that translate to your local team and what does it do for their morale?

It can feel like a touchy topic that no one wants to talk about for fear of disrupting day-to day progress. Leaders suffer concerns of fuelling gossip that may blaze out of control or fear of perpetuating anxiety over potential cuts or redundancies. Such apprehensions are enough to drive any leader to put it off until another day!

However, if you take the time to consider your offshore plans and the upside to your current team, you can put yourself in their shoes and brainstorm – the many benefits to them. If you take the time to think through it, you’ll gain relevant insights to help you present your plan in a palatable way – one that is well-received.

Think about your plan from their point of view and consider – what’s in it for them?

The most practical and financially rewarding way to look at your offshore strategy is to first consider your local team and their greatest talents. Your local resources have a wealth of knowledge about your business and are more than likely – highly capable.

What if you stopped for a moment to ask these questions;

If my people had the free capacity – what other value adding activities could they achieve in a day?

If they had the spare time – how else could they perform revenue driving activities or provide greater value to customers?

These questions allow you to rethink and revisit your current local roles. Such thinking provides the opportunity to consider, how to redeploy your current team members into higher value roles, with more important duties that ultimately deliver more value to your business.

The flow on effect of taking such action means – your current employees thrive in refined roles where they are now aware of the new value they are adding. It increases engagement as their personal self-worth and job satisfaction increases. Your customers are serviced at a higher level, and the output that your business yields is greater quality.

You’re left with the question;

What do I do with the things my local team don’t want to do or are paid too much to do?

Consolidating the lower value and lower priority tasks that are left behind reveals new job positions or roles that can be located with your offshore team.

Lower value tasks are completed by resources who cost less to achieve them. Although because you’ve created new roles, your new offshore resources will be people who enjoy those tasks. And with the right partner, they should help you get the right fit.

The result you create means that your local team will thrive because they’ll add more value and in turn more revenue and profit. You’ll have lower value tasks completed at a lower rate – a logical and efficient approach to productivity and capital allocation. Over all your team will be happier in their roles and you’ll make more money! Hhhmmm Win Win?

When you present your offshore strategy to your team – be sure to highlight;

We will reassess your current role internally to refine what you’re doing, the result of this is -we’ll be able to track your progress and the new value you add.

We’ll see the wonderful new value you create in your refined role, you’ll be more inspired and get to do more of what you love, plus the value of your role will increase!

How can employees refuse such an opportunity? 😉

For help facilitating such a process, tbelle is available on a consultative basis to guide you along the way.

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