How to find the right People for your Business



Running your own business and or startup company can be daunting if you have to do it all yourself. Fortunately, there are always people out there you can hire to get trivial things off your hands and give you room to work on bigger things – things that improve your business and things you’re good at!


But looking for the right type of people suitable for you and your business might just as well be rocket science – with everyone telling you different things and giving you different formulas. Some say you need to hire on skills set, some say you need to hire based on talent and some say you need to hire based on education and experience!
But finding the right people for your business doesn’t have to be rocket science, instead it can be as easy as ABCD!


Entrepreneurs & SME business owners line applicants up based on experience, skills set and background but at the end of the day, what they really are looking for is the right Attitude. Before skills set and anything else, the most important thing is the attitude because it is an inherent thing and is difficult to change. Attitude is the fuel that makes a person run and keep going.


“A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results.” – Wade Boggs, American Baseball Hall of Famer, 2015



Attitude vs Skills
All the right skills set, talent and experience will come to waste if they don’t come together with the right attitude. And lack of skill, talent and experience can always be compensated with a great attitude, especially when provided an avenue and tools to improve it!
So definitely hire based on attitude! Give out test questions that assess attitude based on how a person handles experiences and circumstances and look at more than just their IQ.


Do: Be clear on the job role and the tasks that need to be accomplished.
Job roles often change when considering people for a role so when filtering applications, interview and check skills set and level of interest in relation to the task list. Also keep an eye out for past experiences and type of work done in the past that could be interrelated to those in your current task list. Look for parallelisms and similarities in learning that you can leverage on.
It is a fact that during interviews, most people say yes to all questions, and as an employer, you need to get past this communication barrier.


Check for the obvious cues.
Look for body signs and listen to their voice inflections, if they don’t seem or sound like they are excited and engaged about the tasks you will be handing to them, then they’re not the right person for you. You need people who will be an asset to your business and not deadweight that will only weigh you and your business down.


Don’t: Hire just because you’re pressed with time.
Hire when you find the right person with the right attitude. Because the more people you have with great attitude, the more you’ll make your business fly!


In a study by the American Sociological Association published in 2012 (Hiring as Cultural Matching: The Case of Elite Professional Service Firms); they factor in the concept of matching employees with an organization’s culture and how this paves the way to a better employer-employee relationship.


Some scholars advocate selecting new hires based on fit between an organization’s culture—defined as the shared values that delineate appropriate workplace behavior—and applicants’ stable personality traits (e.g., extroversion versus introversion) and work values (e.g., a preference for independent versus collaborative work).14 Such matches can enhance employee satisfaction, performance, and retention (Chatman 1991).


Save your valuable Time & Effort
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