Must I fire my people if I outsource?

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When we talk about Outsourcing, the first thing that comes into our minds as business people is “Will my people lose their jobs?” If we start off thinking that way, then it becomes a moral dilemma and not a business decision. We want to be rational yet we don’t want to look at people as just names on an employee sheet.

Think instead of outsourcing in these terms: Re-assessing your current workforce, recognizing top employees, weeding out non-performers and transitioning routine and non-core tasks offshore.

Would you rehire the same person in your business?

Often times, not all of the people we hired are actually fit for our business and there are some who don’t perform as well as we expected. We end up settling for status quo because it is costly and hard to hire new people. With Outsourcing, you skip all the hardship of recruitment because your Outsourcing partner will handle it for you. The pressure is on them to find the right fit for your company and some firms even maintain accountability for the wrong hires.

What do I do if I find that there are people in my business I would not rehire?

This can be a moment of brutal honesty. If people aren’t cutting it in your business, what damage are they doing? What money are you wasting on them that you could be investing somewhere else? If you wouldn’t rehire the same people, it’s time to cut the dead wood.

Assess their workload and take the necessary steps, for tasks that must stay onshore, distribute them to high performers. For the remainder of their tasks, send them offshore and start saving.

Create a system and process documents that will be used in handing over to your offshore staff. These steps will transform your working capital to the right places and relieve you of non-performers in your business.

If there are people I’d like to rehire, how can I get them to work only on their high-value tasks?

This is a great opportunity to re-connect again with your top performing staff and identify all areas where they add the most value. Which areas of your business do they love to work in and and which areas they make the most money for your business?

You need to re-define their roles so they are working only on their high-value areas generating more business or adding more value to your business. If you give them this opportunity, you are ensured of high-quality output. You’ll also find their job satisfaction increases because they’ll feel more fulfilled by their work.

What happens to the vacated positions and the low-value tasks?

Unknown to most people who have yet to try Outsourcing, most offshore staff can actually take on the jobs of multiple onshore staff and at 75% of the cost. Once you have assessed your current workforce, you then take the low value tasks and create new role/s that will be sent offshore.

What is my end-result when I transition vacated roles and low-value tasks offshore?
  • You get more value on engagement and productivity because you’re top performing onshore employees are working on their highest value and with increased engagement.
  • You are spending less wages for low priority tasks.
  • You are using your current employees for better value.
  • You have more available working capital because you’ve essentially cut your wage bill!

If you’re ready to start getting better value from you onshore staff and allow them to be more productive and happy, we’re here to partner with you!

Whether you want to hire a part-time or full-time staff or get an entire team, we’ll help you get the right people and make way for a seamless transition.

At Tbelle will make it happen!

If you’re unsure what tasks you can transition to an offshore staff, tips here!

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