Outsourcing Horror Stories and How to Avoid them


As an entrepreneur, you’re always on the lookout for innovative trends you can make use of and there are times when what works for others doesn’t necessarily work for you. If you’ve ever tried outsourcing and it failed for you or considering outsourcing but are scared to take the next step – let’s take a look at some real outsourcing horror stories and how best to avoid them!

Horror Story # 1: Ghost Employees

So, ok, you’ve gone through recruitment and training and a few weeks or months with your new employee without any glitches and one day they just don’t turn up anymore – no notification, nothing. They just vanished into thin air and you’re left hanging. This scenario happens from time to time, mostly in the BPO industry, mainly because the job market is so competitive. This is especially hard for the KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) industry wherein it is 1 is to 1 or 1 is to 5 in the employee client ratio.

How to avoid it:

You can’t always guarantee zero turnover because the fact is, people will come and go in companies, but you can always mitigate this by building and maintaining a great culture, providing opportunities for your people to expand personally and professionally and giving them an avenue to air out their concerns. Of course, the remuneration has to be competitive, your company benefits employee-friendly and your employee support system strong and reliable. Remember, it’s the people that make your business so they need to be taken care of.

Horror Story # 2 : Dead Air

Even with face to face communication, miscommunication happens; all the more for people who communicate only via email, phone or through Skype. Add technological glitches, varying diction/accents, cultural differences and you’ve just created the perfect scenario for miscommunication. There are even epic communication fails that create quarrels between employer and employee that have gone to court.

How to avoid it:

Communication is a two-way process and does not only involve verbal cues but also non-verbal cues or ones that aren’t spoken at all. To avoid misunderstandings, both speaking and listening need to be practiced in the same junction. So if you were to give an instruction, you must also ask the other party to reiterate the instruction back to you with their own understanding – this prevents miscommunication at the onset. Another key factor in avoiding miscommunication is the feedback loop, you should create an open avenue for feedback as it reinforces learning and retention.

Horror Story # 3: Jack the Rip-off

Let me give you a shopping analogy – you just bought a brand-new $150 dollar shirt from a shop and moments later, you see the same shirt on sale for $30 at another shop! You feel slightly ripped off right? It’s exactly the same shirt, same brand and all!

Similar applies with Outsourcing, you may pay your local Accountant a ridiculous amount of money to prepare and examine your financial records and with onshore consulting fees, you can really only engage your accountant a few times per year. Offshore you can have your very own accountant who is dedicated to your business for 20 hours every week, for the same price as your yearly consulting bill.

But this is not limited to accounting alone, it can apply to legal fees and advice, corporate travel or any consultant based service. Offshore you can literally get your own dedicated staff rather than consultants who are only affordable on an as-needed basis.

How to avoid it:

Don’t limit yourself to expensive services provided onshore. Consider how much it really costs you each year to engage consultants. For any ongoing expense, it’s worth exploring and asking yourself – are these services available offshore? Can staff be dedicated to your business and give you even more value for the same price or less? Don’t suffer another spooky chill with your next consulting invoice!

Learning and moving forward

There will always be horror stories but with enough due diligence and some initial effort in finding the right Outsourcing Partner, you can skip these horrors and move directly to great rewards and smooth sailing.

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