Thank Yourself this December

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It’s that time of year where things start to feel a little bit crazy – end of year deadlines, more meetings than ever and potentially more food and alcohol than our waistlines can tolerate!

Commonly we agree that 2017 has flown by with 2018 now just around the corner. Naturally entrepreneurs feel like they’ve never achieved enough and there is always more to do. This December at tbelle we’ll be celebrating YOU and the outstanding things you’ve achieved this year.

Even though your year may not have yielded all you’d intended, I’ll bet you’ve accomplished more than you give yourself credit for. Stop for a moment and take a minute to reflect on the people your business served and the great exchanges you were able to engage in.

Your businesses make the world go around with the many people you employ both locally and offshore, and as you offer valuable or new and interesting products and services to your community.

If you haven’t yet launched your offshore team it might be on your mind for 2018. It can feel like a complicated topic – what to position offshore and what to keep local. You know the benefits to your business and the extended benefits to your employees. My advice is – don’t eat an elephant in one bite. Use a knife and fork to eat one mouthful at a time. Your offshore plans for 2018 can include just one or two roles at a time as you test and learn what works for you and your business.


As an abstract Christmas gift, I challenge you to take a quite few moments of solitary uninterrupted time to reflect and thank yourself for your accomplishments this year.


While you’re in that uninterrupted space, set an intention for you what you hope to accomplish in 2018. It can be a few key things that by this time next year you can look back on and think “great! A few more steps along the way, rich experiences and with any luck an even richer bottom line!”

Thank yourself for and your team for their work and what you’ve contributed together to your local and greater communities.

I believe as Aussies we agree together that Christmas is about quality time with people we value. This Christmas our wish for you is that you get to spend quality time with all of the people you value – even if it’s just – one – present – moment.

And don’t forget to thank yourself!! Take it from me, as a business leader you will never be settled with status quo. There will always be more you want to achieve!

If you need us or our help in 2018, remember we’re just a click away, here to support you with your offshore team. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a fantastic start to 2018!

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