A tip for business entrepreneurs: Don’t multitask, just delegate

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As a small to medium business owner and being someone who started the business from the ground up, you’re used to multitasking and doing pretty much everything else – from finances to operations and sales. But as your business grows, so does all the work and you can only do so much! So don’t kill yourself, stop multitasking and free up your time – delegate now!

Sure, not all aspects of your business can be delegated but there is a multitude of things that others can do for you and they can even do better and more efficiently.

Here is a list of time-consuming tasks that you can delegate to another employee or an offshore staff:

Calendar management and appointment setting, answering phone calls and emails – these activities take time which can can add up. Delegate these trivial matters to an Executive Assistant so you have more time to spend on big ticket areas such as business development or scaling up.


No, this is not about letting other people handle your finances because that can be tricky but it’s about recording and organizing your bills and expenses, complying with all your payables and decreasing if not zeroing out your accounts receivables. Think about it in terms of letting YOUR money work for YOU instead of the other way around. 

Customer service  

For some time, you were answering your customers queries and complaints and you felt attached but now that your business has grown, you’ll have more customers to attend to. Don’t put yourself in the hot seat and make your customers feel special by having a dedicated team of customer service agents who will cater to their needs so you can work on the macro level of your business.

Data entry  

Whether you’re using your own system or a cloud-based one, there will always be data. They could take the form of order details, patient diagnoses, inventory stock codes, client information, etc. To get the maximum output at minimum input, wait until you have all these information in bulk so it can be processed at one time.

IT support   

Information Technology is complicated enough, so leave this part of your business with those who can handle and are better equipped for it. All you need to do is exercise due diligence to make sure you get the right people and provide the right type of tools and resources for them.


Business proposals, promotional materials and invite letters are just some of the writing that you as business owner might need to do. Get someone else to draft these materials for you and just add your personal touch to it. Save time on the creation stage but still send your message across with your tone and style.


No business can survive right now without an online presence. Whether you hire your own team or outsource, having a website is a critical element of your business that can’t be left behind and should be managed by experts.


You still have full control over your marketing plan and just leaving the details to those who have the time and skills for it. The new world is full of marketing channels whether online or offline, get people who can work on these areas for your business’ optimum advantage.


An easy department to overlook especially for business owners who wear multiple hats. Rather than multi tasking and doing a half baked job of sales, consider employing your own Business Development Manager offshore to drive sales, or you can even have your BDM build a sales team. ONshore staff with less experience can get new customers started once the sales side of things has been activated with your BDM.  


Running the day-to-day operations can be an easy trap to get caught in and may not be valuable use of your time. Refining processes, creating new systems and juggling day to day business can all be handled by a capable operations manager offshore.

The exciting challenge for business owners is to get their head around how their business can be run via the phone and online. Once they do, executive level Ops Managers are waiting offshore at a fraction of the cost.

If you’re ready to delegate any of the tasks above (or anything else) and start growing your business, we’re here to partner with you!

Whether you want to hire a part-time or full-time staff or get an entire team, we’ll help you get the right people and make way for a seamless transition.

Whatever you need, Tbelle will make it happen!

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